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“I will redefine beauty in my own way and with what I already have.” – ReNee J. “Life is full of beauty... you just have to notice.” – Claudia R. “My black has history, a legacy, and a journey from long ago to incorporate in our life and quest today.”
– Antonnyea-Dolores F. “My most beautiful side—is inside!” – Kiara “I have learned to appreciate the characteristics of black women and what makes us so unique and beautiful.”
– LaQuaila D. “Never forget, you are a queen in the making...”
– Antinea C. “Be proud of yourself and others will follow your lead!” 
– Chanel “To me, being a confident black woman is the ultimate definition of beauty.”
– Candace S. “It dawned on me that helping OTHER people feel fabulous was what I wanted to do.”
– Aseelah G. “… my black is beautiful because my black is ALL MINE!”
– Aseelah G. “I love my color and respect my tone… I can look at myself and not be critical… for now I am secure in knowing that my black is beautiful.”
– Ashley B. “When I realized who I truly was deep inside, I promised myself never to fall and ALWAYS RISE!” – Peggy W.

Celebrate your beauty in action

Do you have what it takes to be a My Black is Beautiful Ambassador?

For the first time ever, we’re going on a nationwide search for six empowering women who can help us inspire black women and girls to become their best selves.

Entries will be accepted online on Friday, April 11, 2014. Complete the online registration form to get started. You will be required to upload a photo and respond to qualifying questions as part of the online entry process. Join us on Facebook® for more My Black is Beautiful Ambassador Search details, activities and events. Please review the Official Rules for complete details.


Imagine a Future

Imagine a future where every black girl believes her black is beautiful.

You know your black is beautiful … but what about young black girls?

Together, we can empower the next generation of black women to confidently be their best, most beautiful selves.

Three years. One million black girls. A beautiful future starts with you.

Learn more Take action
BLACK GIRLS ROCK!Actress Adepero OduyeActress Gabourey SidibeJanet Goldsboro in South AfricaPoet Kai Davis

“Imagine a Future”:
The Documentary

Watch the Imagine a Future Documentary Watch the Trailer Download the Discussion Guide. Help us change the conversation by using your voice and dedicating your time to empowering young black girls.


Take Action Today and Transform Tomorrow

Help us change the conversation so that one day every young black girl will feel confident about her beauty. Join the movement to teach, reach and empower young black girls.

Listen to one girl’s story. Change the conversation. Impact the future.

Watch the groundbreaking documentary, “Imagine a Future,” which examines beauty and self-esteem issues that challenge black women and girls.

Once you’ve watched the documentary, take action.

  • Download the documentary Discussion Guide and change the conversation with your sisters.

Spread the Word

Use your voice to empower young black girls.Facebook Twitter

Imagine a Future and Black Girls Rock! Camp


About Imagine a Future

My Black Is Beautiful is fulfilling its mission of helping black
women be their best selves through Imagine a Future, an initiative established in association with BLACK GIRLS ROCK! and UNCF, and aimed at supporting and embracing young black girls as they face the most critical years of their lives while inspiring them to be their best.

With scholarships, book awards, leadership camps and forums for teen girls, a groundbreaking “Imagine a Future” documentary, and accompanying online resources, My Black Is Beautiful is making strides toward positively reaching and teaching 1 million black girls over three years.

A beautiful future starts with you. Change the conversation. BackTake action
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“Imagine a Future”:
The Documentary
Directed and produced by Lisa Cortes, Academy-Award nominated for “Precious,” directed by Shola Lynch, “Free Angela Davis” and “All Political Prisoners” director, and executive produced by BLACK GIRLS ROCK! founder and NAACP Award winner Beverly Bond, “Imagine a Future” follows the story of Delaware teen Janet Goldsboro as she wrestles with her own insecurities and travels to South Africa to examine the historical and present beauty and self-esteem issues that challenge black women and girls. Infused with the perspectives of renowned media personalities such as Mikki Taylor, Gabourey Sidibe, Michaela Angela Davis, Tatyana Ali, Gabrielle Douglas and Melissa Harris-Perry, the documentary shines a spotlight on the universal struggle around black beauty and self-confidence and examines the role of black women in media, sports and beyond.


Each of us exemplifies true beauty. We share a journey to define our own beauty standard, while acknowledging the power of sisterhood. Because individually, our black is beautiful. And together, it's inspiring.

Put your beauty in your own words. Tell us what makes your black beautiful.

inspire our sisterhood

Lady Emm’s Poem


Do you: See me? Hear me? Know me? From the curve of my hips, To the soul spoke from my lips. My body embodies the beauty that I define. My voice, my opinion, my vision. Shades of beauty worth celebrating. A sisterhood with stories to share. Follow my lead. Open my eyes. Uplift my soul. My color does not dictate my beauty. My beauty inspires the world. Sisters of Mother Nature’s great design, My Black is ______, And that is for me to define.
  • LADY M
  • SHAY L
  • Shannan B


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Imagine a Future:
The Documentary
Executive produced by Beverly Bond from BLACK GIRLS ROCK! and co-directed by Shola Lynch (Free Angela and All Political Prisoners) and Lisa Cortes (Precious), Imagine a Future gives an intimate, honest perspective on black beauty. The documentary follows Delaware-native Janet Goldsboro on a tour to South Africa, as she examines the beauty and self-esteem issues that challenge African-American women and girls. Interspersed with footage of Janet’s journey are interviews with renowned women in the media, Mikki Taylor, Gabourey Sidibe, Michaela Angela Davis, Tatyana Ali, Gabrielle Douglas, and Melissa Harris-Perry.
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Meet Charlene, a P&G employee and breast cancer survivor, who made her health a priority. Charlene’s actions helped save her life, and she’s committed to sharing the importance of early detection with other women.
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